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Donavon has traveled through many lifetimes to come to the intersection of this one and lives in the light of his spirit which has been defined as "One who serves, inspires, and uplifts all". Since beginning a yogic practice, he has learned to make peace with all sides of life and sees the value in each challenge that he's had to overcome. Having developed a keen sense of subtle energy, he can see through facades and help others relate to their Truth.


With knowledge of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, his sessions open pathways for rapid clearing and integration of Soul empowerment. A certified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer and Yoga & Meditation Teacher, he weaves many modalities seamlessly into all of his sessions. Holding certification from the prestigious National Holistic Institute (CMT), his extensive knowledge of the physical body and the energetic bodies blossomed into his unique Pranic Reiki Healing Method. Enjoying teaching and healing globally, he loves to travel and host retreats on all things wellness. He compliments his dedicated yoga and meditation practice with a deep appreciation of the arts, vegan food, shamanic dancing, and nurturing relationships with family and dear friends.

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